OP909 Grease

OP909 Grease is a multipurpose grease specially formulated to provide execellent performance for a wide range of industrial application and svere operating codition.


Application for use in:

  • A wide range of industrial,automotive and construction application.

  • Industrial ball and roller bearing.

  • High and shock load application.
  • Centralized chassis lubrication system on trucks and cars.

  • Heavy duty bearing and general industrial bearing lubrication.


Ferture and benefit

  • Exellent protection against rust and corrosion.
  • Superior adhesion to surface.

  • Protection against wear under severe condition and shock load.
  • Broad multi-purpose application.


Appearance Dark Blue Smooth
Soap Type  Lithium
Visosity CSt at 40°C  
Viscosity CSt at 100°C  
Worked Cone Penetration (25°C,0.1mm) 265-295
Base Oil Mineral
Applied Temperature -20-160°C
Flash Point  >200°C
Dropping Point 260-280°C