OP907 Grease

OP907 Grease is a high performance and extreme pressure grease specifically designed to provide excellent lubrication in industrial and automotive (trucks,cars and buses) application, especially for lubrication of chassis point and automotive wheel bearing. It is formulated to provide protection against rush and corrosion,or wear under heavy or shock loading and vibration. This grease is developed for use in wide variety of industrial and automotive application.


Application for use in:

  • Most type of industrial application and heavy application where shock loads and vibration is present.

  • Rolling element bearing,plain bearing, gears and couplings.
  • Centralized lubrication systems and other application.

  • Most heavy duty bearing application such as plain bearings,joints


Ferture and benefit

  • High mechanical stability.
  • Excellent resistance to water washout. 

  • Outstanding protection against rush and corrosion.
  • Excellent wheel bearing grease.

  • Good resistance to water and adhesion to metal surface.
Appearance Dark Red
Soap Type  Calcium Soap
Visosity CSt at 40°C  
Viscosity CSt at 100°C  
Worked Cone Penetration (25°C,0.1mm) 265-295
Base Oil Mineral
Applied Temperature 10-70°C
Flash Point  >200°C
Dropping Point 105-110°C