Cassoil Lubrication Technology Sdn Bhd 

was established in 2005 in Malaysia, mainly serving
the ASEAN market. It is mainly engaged in the research, development
and application of industrial lubricants. It is committed to providing
high-quality equipment lubrication, rust prevention, and detergency.

Continuous improvement provides a strong guarantee of its outstanding
achievements and experience in the field of industrial lubrication. Cassoil
has provided solutions to optoelectronics, plastics and various industries.


Our company is supported by a large number of manufacturing
companies. The trust in our innovation will advance the
development of Cassoil. It has established a “market-oriented
management system” by cooperating with internationally
renowned organizations and complying to international standards.


Cassoil brings together state-of-the-art equipment, experienced
lubrication engineers, and high-quality R&D and application laboratories.
It combines application technologies and products from Europe and
the United States with practical conditions and customer requirements
in various regions to develop more practical and effective products.


Vision & Mission

The vision & mission of Cassoil is to be a leading lubrication technology
with the most stringent focus on being ecologically & environmentally
friendly at the same time. 



Oil Change on various type of machines

• New machine oil fill up
• Machine Flushing & Cleaning
• Service Reports
• Oil Analysis
• Seminar & Training